Friday, 2 May 2008

Second life and fashion from Durgama Greatrex

Durga Design in Second Life

I am Durgama Greatrex and living in Second Life. I am a designer and de
veloping a new line of the best fashion.

Since september 2007 i am very busy to discover all the ins and outs of the clothing making in Second Life. Starting with the templates and learning Photoshop for the textures. Also building with prim and sculpt prims is one of my skills.

And that combination should do it. Its getting better and better and i try to make the best and most beautifull fashion for the SL people.

You can also buy some of my clothes in SLXchange

Come and join my
group Durga Design and visit my shops inworld

merce Tower, Stepaside (17, 172, 131)
Durgama's shops, Double Dutch (80, 98, 34)

Much more to come, this is just the beginning